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“REVHEAD Trailer” For the racing game REVHEAD a number of tracks that had to evoke an atmosphere that is characteristic of Australia. In the trailer track, in addition to the usual tension build-up in the music, you will also hear the solo instrument the Digiridoo.

“Rock to the out back” is a typical rock song that has influences from the 60s and 70s.
Great as support while driving in the Australian summer sun.

“Focus” gives a great music layer for working in the car garage. It has a soft Soul like Motown beat from the seventies. “Dream Dare Deliver” Is an Epic Race track in support of a Finale race in RevHead. Uptempo Adraline uplifting track!”Through The Night” is a lightly dark, moody, mysterious, yet still slick and driving orchestral electronic hybrid track with lightly haunting non-lyric vocals. The choral vocals add to the elegance and richness of the orchestral elements while the eerie vocals add tension to the track and tie in with the contemporary electronic accents. This piece would add great energy and class to luxury advertising including luxury vehicles. It could also add tension and suspense to a variety of Scripted and Non-Scripted Television scenes


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